An intelligent light-managing ionic skin for UV-protection, IR stealth, and optical camouflaged Morse codes





Xiaofang Shi, Zhouyue Lei*, and Peiyi Wu*. An Intelligent Light-Managing Ionic Skin for UV-Protection, IR Stealth, and Optical Camouflaged Morse Codes. Sci. China Mater. 2021, ASAP.




Ionic skins that demonstrate great advantages in the mechanical properties and multiple sensory capabilities are regarded as an attractive candidate to mimic functions of human skin. However, human skin is vulnerable to be damaged under long-time sunlight irradiation, and most of the current ionic skins also lack a protection against harmful ultraviolet and infrared lights. Herein, this work develops a multifunctional ionic skin based on ionic conductive and light-managing hydrogels via a facile one-step locally confined polymerization. It is mechanically adaptable, able to modulate light in the broadband solar spectrum, and protect human skin from the harmful ultraviolet and infrared lights. Moreover, without complicated processing, the ionic skin enables human-machine interactions via wireless and optical camouflaged Morse codes. We believe this work will promote the development of smart wearable devices with multiple customizable functions.